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Along the Way
pastoral planning
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The link below will allow you to download an electronic version of the master's thesis I did in 1993. This thesis documented the planning process that went into the development of the Pastoral Plan for the Diocese of Chalan Kanoa for the period 1991 through 1995. The thesis provides detail on the theological issues behind the community based approach to pastoral planning used in developing the plan. It also provides a case study of the development of the particular plan.
The plan described in the thesis was the second of the three pastoral plans I helped coordinate when I was ministering in various capacities to the People of God in the Diocese of Chalan Kanoa.
While the plan may be a bit dated in terms of the specific problems and objectives described, its theological discussion of pastoral planning is as applicable today as it was ten years ago.

click here to download file

Also read A Course in Christian Spirituality by Deacon Shewman that is available through this link.

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