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annulments in the church
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A user's guide to annulments in the Catholic Church

Marriage annulments are among the most confusing and misunderstood elements of Catholic life. On this page you are able to download a one hundred twenty page ebook by this author on annulments. The ebook is for anyone who in considering an annulment or simply wants to learn more about the process. The ebook answers common questions about marriage annulment, gives easy to understand background information about annulments, as well as a step by step guide of how to get through the process and protect your rights along the way.
The author is a canon lawyer (JCL) and has served as a Marriage Tribunal Judge in the Diocese of Chalan Kanoa (CNMI) and the Diocese of Erie (PA).
The ebook is available for purchase at

The above ebook is educational in nature and not meant to function as legal advice. Individual circumstances vary from case to case and with different circumstances different advice might be appropriate. If you are in the process of seeking an annulment, you are advised to discuss your case with a canonist in your diocese. 

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