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Along the Way
The Departure
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After Barti's death Tabitha Glowaki helped Theo Douglas to continue along the path of Christian discipleship. Theo learns that Tabitha is seriously ill, perhaps dying. In this story we follow Theo to Israel to comfort Tabitha and learn a few important lessons.
The Departure is a 166 page (double spacing; 83 page single spacing) novella that ran in the North Star in weekly installments during the summer and fall months of 2005. At about 680kb, it is too large and to long to place on this page. The Departure can be downloaded to your computer by clicking on the link below. It is available in Acrobat Reader (PDF) format and needs a recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to be viewed. If you need a reader they are available at as a free download.
The Departure is the third in a series of novellas following the adventures and spiritual challenges encountered by Theo Douglas. The first two novellas in this series were The Pilgrimage and The Journey. The entire series can be downloaded from this website, simply return to the stories heading and select the story you want.

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