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Along the Way
The Journey
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The further adventures of a pilgrim

The Journey continues the story began in The Pilgrimage with Bro. Barti and Theo Douglas, our narrator. The first series used a pilgrimage to Israel as a setting for a series of reflections on everyday spirituality and the pursuit of meaning in one's life. In The Journey we follow the same characters through the next two years of their lives as each seeks to gain a deeper understanding of the purpose God has given each in life.
The original series was semi-autobiographical, in that I did go on Pilgrimage to Israel about the time as Barti and the narrator. Some of my experiences on the pilgrimage were drawn on in the series. The Journey is semi-autobiographical in the same sense. I did drive across the U.S. about the same time as Barti and the narrator and my experiences on that trip play into the story. However, I must stress that the series is fictional. In its detail, the events and persons depicted in The Journey are the product of my imagination. To emphasize the fictional nature of this series I have given the narrator a name to distinguish him more clearly from me as the author. The guidance offered by Bro. Barti and Tabitha Glowaki is based on some of the best ideas of contemporary theologians and spiritual writers. At the end of the story I offer a reading list for those who would like to dig deeper.
The Journey is a novella and is much too long to be read as a series of web pages. It is currently running as a series in the North Star, the weekly newspaper of the Diocese of Chalan Kanoa (CNMI). The work can be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat format by clicking on the button below.

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Also read A Course in Christian Spirituality by Deacon Shewman that is available through this link.

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